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Scholarly Communication


Dr Danny Kingsley

Deputy Director Cambridge University Library - Scholarly Communication and Research Services

Cambridge University committees

  • Member of the Open Access Project Board 
  • Member of the Big Data Steering Committee
  • Member of the University Research Administration Systems Committee
  • Chair of the Coordinated and Functional Research Systems Working Group
  • Chair of the University Leadership in the Future of Academic Publishing working group
  • Member of the ‘getting it together’ Joined-Up Communication Advisory Group

Cambridge University Library committees

External Committee positions

Editorial/Conference positions

Publications (selection)

  • Sewell, C., Kingsley, D. A. (2017) "Developing the 21st Century Academic Librarian: The Research Support Ambassador Programme", New Review of Academic Librarianship, Published online May 2017, doi: 10.1080/13614533.2017.1323766
  • Agate, N. Clement, G., Kingsley, D. Searle, S., Vanderjagt, L., Waller, J., Schlosser, M., and Newton, M. (2017). From the Ground Up: A Group Editorial on the Most Pressing Issues in Scholarly Communication. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. 5(1), p.eP2196. DOI:
  • Higman, R., Teperek, M. and Kingsley, D. A. (2017) “Creating a community of data champions” preprint bioRxiv (in press)
  • Teperek, M., Higman, R. and Kingsley, D. A. (2017) “Is Democracy the Right System? Collaborative Approaches to Building an Engaged RDM Community”, preprint bioRxiv (in press)
  • Teperek, M., Morgan, R., Ellefson, M. R.and Kingsley, D. A. (2016) “Starting from the end: what to do when restricted data is released”, preprint bioRxiv (in press)
  • Kingsley, D.A. and Kennan, M.A. (2015) "Open access: the whipping boy for problems in scholarly publication", Communications of the Association for Information Systems (in press)
  • Kingsley, D. A. (2014) "Paying for publication: issues and challenges for research support services”, Australian Academic and Research Libraries (AARL). Special Issue - 'Research support services in academic and research libraries’ Vol 45, Issue 4. Accepted version:

Refereed conference papers (selection)

Workshop and conference papers (selection)




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