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Scholarly Communication


Q. Should the AAM include figures and other supplementary materials?

Currently, the upload system at doesn’t allow multiple files. If you have figures or other supplementary materials, there are two main ways you can proceed. First, you could append them or otherwise incorporate them into the AAM document. Alternatively, once we reply to you with advice about your options you can reply to that email and include them as email attachments. We can then add them to the Re­pository alongside the main file.

Please do not upload multiple files relating to a single publication as separate submissions to www.openac­ as it makes it harder to associate them in our system.

For uploading your data and complying with funder open data policies, see the Open Data website or contact the team.

Q. When does the embargo period come into force?

Publisher embargoes run from publication. If we need to add your manuscript to the Repository before then we’ll give it an infinite embargo initially. Once we know the publication date we’ll update the Repository with the correct embargo end-date.

Q. I don’t want people to read or cite my AAM. It’s inferior to the published version.

The Repository record will include the full citation details for the final version when they’re available, as well as the DOI link to the article on the publisher’s website. If publisher copyright permits (for example, if the published article has a Creative Commons licence) we’ll replace the manuscript with the final version when it’s available.

Q. Is the Repository discoverable? How will people find it?

Yes. Articles in the Repository can be easily found with Google and other search engines. We’ll also give you a link to your manuscript when we add it to the Repository. You can share this link freely.