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Scholarly Communication


Q. Are patents/review articles/ books/book reviews included in the HEFCE policy?

The HEFCE policy applies to peer-reviewed journal articles of any kind and to conference proceedings pub­lished in journals with ISSNs. Patents, monographs, book chapters and conference proceedings published in books with ISBNs or book series with ISSNs are not included. If in any doubt, please contact us and we can advise you further. Further advice is available in points 11-15 of the HEFCE policy.

Q. Do I need to include funding for Open Access in a grant application?

Different funders have different rules about this. RCUK and COAF expect Open Access costs to be met from the block grants they have given us centrally, so Open Access should not be included. Other funders, such as NIHR or the European Research Council, do expect you to budget for these costs. If in doubt, please contact your funder or the Open Access team.

Q. Will the block grants from RCUK and COAF run out? If so what will happen?

We have received annual grants from RCUK since 2013, but no announcement has been made about whether this will continue in future. We are monitoring funds and creating contingency plans if they fall to critical lev­els. RCUK also have a clause in their policy which allows for longer embargoes under the free, green option if money to support gold has been exhausted.

Q. Do the block grants cover the whole fee? What about page and colour charges?

We will pay the Open Access charge from the block grants. We can pay for other publication costs, such page or colour charges, for research papers that acknowledge RCUK funding only.

Q. I don’t understand why an APC was paid for one of my articles but not for the next one.

Different journals and funders have different policies. If you publish in a different journal or acknowledge dif­ferent funders, it might change what the best option is.