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The Open Research Working Group was convened in the Lent Term 2018 to clarify the University’s needs and expectations on Open Research. The group will define and agree on the University’s stance on Open Research and help shape service, infrastructure and policy developments in response to the Open Research agenda.

Broadly speaking, Open Research is taken to mean the overall drive towards sharing (data, method, outputs) of University research, and the changing research and dissemination practices intended to maximise public access to these. Open Research is inclusive of Open Access to research publications and doctoral theses and the processes and planning involved in research data management which can, where appropriate, lead to the sharing of Open Data.


To formalise the University’s stance on Open Research through the development of an institutional position statement and policy framework

To discuss and define the University’s needs and expectations in relation to Open Research

To define the services and infrastructure needed for effective support of Open Research across a range of settings including the UL, UIS, UoA and Departments. 

To agree and recommend Terms of Reference for a steering group to replace the Open Access Project Board, reporting to the RPC 


It is anticipated that the group’s work will be completed within the current academical year, over a series of 4-5 meetings, to review current arrangements and form recommendations on improvements to infrastructure, process and awareness. On conclusion, the Group will present for RPC approval:

(i)  A policy statement of the University’s approach to, and support for, Open Research

(ii)  A set of recommendations for further work, including infrastructure development

(iii)  Specifications for a Steering Group to oversee Open Research activity 


The proposed membership of the Working Group addresses RPC’s steer to aim for a diverse group and to include appropriate senior representation, representation from the post-doctoral community and involvement of the UIS and CUP.

Last updated: 19 February 2018

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