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Scholarly Communication



Apollo is the University of Cambridge’s institutional repository, preserving and providing access to content created by members of the University. It is delivered and managed by the University Library.

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Research Data Management

Upload your data to the University Repository, find out about other repositories for your data and discover how to manage and share your data. Many funders stipulate that research data are openly available with as few restrictions as possible. This website will help in the different stages of creating, organising, storing, finding and sharing of data.

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Open Access: upload your manuscript

There is now a growing need to make published research accessible. Once your manuscript is accepted for publication you are advised to upload it to the University repository within 3 months. It will ensure that your work is eligible for REF and that it complies with your funders’ open access requirements. You can also find out what are the open access policies stipulated by different funders and journals.

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