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To properly archive and give access to a file in Apollo, we need to know what format it is, for example "PDF", "HTML", or "OpenDocument format". In order to facilitate preservation of the deposited content stored in Apollo we need to ascertain that the content is stored in file formats that are either open or well-known and described. Below you will find a list of formats all recommended by the Apollo repository team. The list is not exhaustive; please email  if you have content you wish to deposit in other formats.

Name MIME type Extensions Description
  • application/pdf
pdf Portable document format
  • application/vnd.oasis.
  • application/vnd.oasis.
  • application/vnd.oasis.
odt, ods, odp Open document format
  • text/html
htm, html HyperText Markup Language
  • application/xml
xml Extensible Markup Language
  • text/plain
txt, asc Plain text
  • audio/wav
  • audio/wave
  • audio/x-wav
wav Waveform audio format, lossless audio
  • audio/x-aiff
  • audio/aiff
aiff, aif, aifc Audio Interchange File Format, lossless audio
  • audio/ogg
ogg, oga Lossy audio
DNG   dng Digital negative
  • image/tiff
  • image/tiff-fx
tiff, tif Tagged Image File Format
  • image/png
png Portable Network Graphics
  • image/jpeg
.jpeg, .jpg, .jpe jfif, .jfi, .jif JPEG Interchange Format
  • video/mpeg
mpeg, mpg, mpe  

For videos we strongly recommend the H.264 codec with an MP4 container. Other formats will have to be discussed with the Apollo repository team before ingest - please email

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