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Scholarly Communication


This is some introductory text about discovery.

Digital Content Unit

The Digital Content Unit, based at the University Library, provides and licenses high-quality digital images of the Library’s collections for use in research and publications. The Unit can digitize fragile older works, manuscripts etc. on request, facilitating their use in research.

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LibrarySearch: Analysis resources

Print and electronic resources in University libraries to support research anaylsis, such as statistical analysis, how to analyse data etc.

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Research Data Management: Data management guide

Research data takes many forms, ranging from measurements, numbers and images to documents and publications. The resources on these pages were prepared for you by the University Library to help you plan, create, organise, share, and look after your research materials, whatever form they take.

Advice and training is given on file naming, version control and metadata, as well as referencing and reference management software.

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University Information Services: training

University Information Services provides training on a range of topics. Examples of relevant courses at this stage are High Performance Computing; Programming and Scientific Computing; and Statistical and Mathematical Software. Follow the links to book a place.

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