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Scholarly Communication


This talk is part of the PublicHealth@Cambridge series.
The unstructured and ambiguous nature of language in public health literature is a barrier to the accessibility and discovery of information. Sophia Ananiadou is Professor of Computer Science in the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester and director of the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM), will discuss the limitations of conventional keyword-based search, which are not well suited for the development of sensitive search strategies. Semantic search functionalities (e.g., faceted search, automatic query expansion, queries as natural language questions) offered by semantic systems developed by the National Centre for Text Mining will be presented. Then methods which reduce the burden of semi-automatic citation screening will be presented within the context of a novel system, the RobotAnalyst, developed for Public Health England.

Event date: 
Friday, 23 June, 2017
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Event location: 
Seminar Room, Herchel Smith Building, Forvie Site, Robinson Way, Cambridge CB2 0SR
Event time: 
13:00 - 14:00