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What is third party copyright?

Copyright held by someone other than yourself is known as third party copyright. If you are using material created by others in your thesis, you will need to investigate whether you should seek permission to include it in your thesis. If you include third party copyrighted material in your thesis, you must ensure you credit the copyright holder and the source of the material. More information on third party copyright can be found on the Office of Scholarly Communication copyright webpages.

We recommend that you obtain permission to include material as you are researching rather than leaving clearances to the time when you are ready to submit your thesis. It can take time to ensure you have obtained the correct clearance and if you do not obtain permission to include the material, you may wish to investigate alternatives or redact the material in your final submission.

Different copyright rules apply to the hardbound copy of your thesis that is deposited in the library for reference and the electronic version of your thesis that is deposited in the Apollo repository. This is because the hardbound copy of your thesis is considered to be unpublished and the electronic version, if made available online, is published.





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