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Scholarly Communication


The Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) stays abreast of new scholarly communication tools, techniques, policies and practices for the University. The OSC works closely with the Research Support Librarians to support researcher and administrative training and compliance with Open Access and Research Data policies.

The OSC is located in the University Library, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR. 

Contact details for the teams are on the Contact Us page.

Office of Scholarly Communication Team

Niamh Tumelty - Head of Open Research Services

Dr Bea Gini - Training Coordinator

Open Research Systems Team (Digital Initiatives)

Dr Agustina Martínez-García - Open Research Systems Manager

Peter Sutton-Long - Repository Manager

Open Access Team

Alexia Sutton - Open Access Service Manager

Phillipa Grimstone - Scholarly Communication Support

Dr Debbie Hansen - Scholarly Communication Support

Deirdre Canavan - Scholarly Communication Support

Katherine Burchell - Scholarly Communication Support

Research Data Management Team

Dr Sacha Jones - Research Data Manager

Dominic Dixon - Research Librarian

Tony Malone - Scholarly Communication Assistant

Research Support Librarians

Dr Matthias Ammon - School of Arts & Humanities

George Cronin - School of the Biological Sciences

Veronica Phillips and Eleanor Barker - School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Meg Westbury - School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Claire Sewell - School of the Physical Sciences

Charlotte Smith and Katie Hughes - School of Technology

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