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Apollo (previously DSpace@Cambridge) is the University of Cambridge’s Institutional Repository (IR), established in 2003 as a service for sharing the outputs of Cambridge’s research activity. The Repository service is managed by the Open Research Systems (ORS) team, which is part of Digital Initiatives and is based in Cambridge University Library.

As outlined in Apollo’s terms of use, the Repository is responsible for the curation of deposited research outputs, as well as for storing and sharing those outputs according to the guidelines of research funders and abiding to principles and recommendations from Cambridge University Library’s (CUL) Digital Preservation Policy. Apollo underpins the commitment of the University of Cambridge to preserve for the long-term and provide access to its research as widely as possible in order to contribute to society as well as to academic advancement. Its primary focus is on providing open access to the University’s research publications. For further information, see our Open Access pages, or to register your publication for ‘Green’ or ‘Gold’ access, please use the Open Access upload form.

The Repository is committed to store and preserve the University’s research outputs. Research outputs can include, but are not limited to, publications, conference proceedings, book chapters, monographs, theses, various forms of research data (video recordings, spreadsheets, computational scripts, code, images etc.), presentations and others.

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Externally funded projects

Apollo has participated in a number of externally funded projects intended to better understand researcher requirements or improve the services it offers. 

In late 2019 Apollo was selected for FAIRsFAIR Trust & FAIR certification support. FAIRsFAIR is playing a key role in the contribution to policies and practices for broader adoption of FAIR practices, and in the development of standards for FAIR certification of repositories. Through an Open Call run between July and August 2019, Apollo was chosen by FAIRsFAIR to be supported on the path towards achieving CoreTrustSeal certification

The submissions were assessed based on the repository's designated community, its focus on long-term preservation and reuse, and on the feasibility of it being able to achieve CoreTrustSeal certification within the timeframe available. A diverse geographical and disciplinary spread among the selected repositories was also of importance. FAIRsFAIR provides support and capacity building, including materials, training and advice to repository managers and other stakeholders so they can improve their knowledge of the preparation required for CoreTrustSeal self-assessments. At the same time, the repositories share with the FAIRsFAIR project their valuable experience of how repository practices enable the curation of FAIR data. FAIRsFAIR actively engages with Apollo and the other selected repositories. Together, we collaborate on the journey to Trust and FAIR.

Other past projects include: IncrementalDataTrain and PrePARe, which developed resources to support research data management and EPIC and Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS), which focused on the repository’s preservation services.

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