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Open Research


Share your thesis

Doctoral students can share their theses by completing the thesis upload form, when requested to do so by Student Registry. There is further information on our theses pages.

Share your data

To share your data please use the data upload form. For more information about data sharing and picking a suitable repository please see our data information pages.

Share your accepted manuscript

It's easy to share your manuscript. Simply visit our upload form, attach your manuscript, fill in a few details and press send.

There are a few important things to note:

  • we need your accepted manuscript - this is the version that contains all the changes made after peer review but has not been typeset or copyedited by the publisher in any way. Please send us a 'clean' copy, i.e. one that does not contain tracked changes or letters to the editor
  • we need the date that the paper was accepted for publication - this is because we need to report this date to Research England
  • we need to see your paper and authorise any open access payments before you commit to any thing with the publisher - this is because not all papers are eligible for support from the University's block grants for open access.

You can find out more about what you need to do here. If you need to know which open access options to pick at the time of submission please upload your paper at that point. You can also send us an email if you have any questions.

What happens once I've uploaded my files?

The Open Access Team receive your file(s) and the accompanying form. They check the files and the additional information and make sure it is ok to deposit your research.

If it is an accepted manuscript the Team will work out which open access policies the paper needs to comply with and let you know how it can be made compliant. If your paper is eligible for support for open access costs from the University's block grants you will be sent the billing information needed to invoice the Open Access Team directly.

Your files will be uploaded to the University repository in accordance with any deposit agreements or copyright conditions and you'll be sent a link to the record.

We aim to send you an initial reply within two working days.

Open Research Newsletter sign-up

Please contact us at to be added to the mailing list to receive our quarterly e-Newsletter.

The Office of Scholarly Communication sends this Newsletter to its subscribers in order to disseminate information relevant to open access, research data management, scholarly communication and open research topics. For details on how the personal information you enter here is used, please see our privacy policy