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Some researchers are concerned that by depositing their accepted manuscript to Apollo to be made Open Access after publication they will upset their co-authors. This is more likely in an environment where co-authors are from overseas and unfamiliar with the funder requirements for Open Access in the UK.

We have provided below some suggested text that researchers can use to send their co-authors to explain what they are intending to do.

The Open Access team is happy to answer any questions from Cambridge researchers or their co-authors.

Draft of an email to send to co-authors

Dear Co-author,

I’ve submitted this article to the University of Cambridge’s institutional repository, Apollo to ensure I will be able to claim the work in a future Research Excellence Framework exercise. The Cambridge Open Access team will make the article publicly available in a way that complies with the journal’s policy on copyright, self-archiving and author rights, including abiding by their requirements about the version of the article that can be shared and any embargo period that applies.

It’s an expectation in the UK that research is shared in this way, with the Higher Education Funding Council of England, the publicly-funded UK Research Councils and a number of biomedical charities mandating open access.

If you have any questions or wish to contact the Cambridge Open Access team about making the article available in this way, you can email us. Further information is available online.

Yours sincerely,

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