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Scholarly Communication


Wrangling Your Citations Like A Pro

Doing research involves reading a lot of other people's work and trying to figure out how it applies to what you're doing. But how do you manage all of this literature in a way that you can not only keep it organised, but also easily turn what you've read into a handy bibliography, or list of references?
In this session we will look at managing your citations with Zotero. We will explore how this tool allows you to keep on top of what you read online as well as how it can make referencing-induced headaches a thing of the past.

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Maximising Metrics With Your Research

When publishing your research, you often need to measure how far your research has gone or how many people have read it. But how can you tell the difference between bibliometrics or altmetrics? And what about impact or the h-index?
In this session we will show you how to make metrics work for you and how to make sense of the various options that are out there for you to take advantage of.
The session with be themed around STEM disciplines but all other disciplines are welcome to attend.

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2nd Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Conference on the Mathematical Challenges of Big Data

Big data and data science are topics of the moment. Among the raft of conferences on these subjects few have a clear focus on the underpinning theoretical methodologies to maximise the information that can be extracted in the presence of inherent uncertainties, sampling bias, data streams, data linkage and all of the other specific features of so-called big data applications. This conference will showcase work by young and established researchers advancing the state-of-the-art on a rigorous mathematical basis.

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From CopyWRONG to CopyRIGHT: Updates from the CLA

The Office of Scholarly Communication is pleased to offer a session on copyright and the CLA Higher Education Licence with a representative from the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA). This session will be a chance to hear about the recent updates to the CLA Licence, get practical copyright advice and learn about the impact of copyright on academic libraries.

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