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Open Research


Reporting to the Open Research Steering Committee (ORSC), the Open Research Operational Group coordinates projects and activities in line with the direction set by the Open Research Steering Committee.

Membership of the Open Research Operational Group

  • Dr Sacha Jones, Interim Head of Open Research Services, Cambridge University Libraries (Chair)
  • Dr Rhys Morgan, Head of Policy, Governance and Integrity, Research Strategy Office
  • Emma Byrne, Research Information Manager, Research Office  
  • Andrew Sykes, Journals Marketing and Operations Director, Cambridge University Press
  • Kate Livingstone, Head of Digital Transformation, University Information Services
  • Chairs and representatives from open research working groups and relevant areas of activity

Current representatives from working groups and areas of activity:

  • Prof Steve Russell, Chair of DORA Working Group
  • Alexia Sutton (Open Access)
  • Dr Agustina Martinez-García (Open Research Systems)
  • Dr Lucinda Spokes (Public Engagement)
  • Dr Samuel Moore (Scholarly Communications)
  • Kate Dawson (Research Culture)
  • Nicole Horst (PostDoc Academy)
  • Clair Castle (Research Data Manager) 
  • Lynne Meehan (Researcher Training) 
  • Mandy Wigdorowitz (Open Research Community Manager)

Secretarial support is provided by Nicola Swann (, Open Research Administrator.

Terms of Reference

1.To provide a forum for close working of all internal services supporting Open Research.

2.To manage a programme of work in alignment with the strategic direction set by the Open Research Steering Committee and responsive to developments within the university and the wider research landscape.

3.To engage actively with researchers, understanding user needs, supporting diversity of practice and enabling compliance with funder and other requirements.

4.To work closely with the University Research Offices to ensure effective preparation for research evaluation exercises.

5.To provide briefings and progress reports as required by the Open Research Steering Committee.

6.To inform the development of internal and external communications around Open Research at the University.


The Operational Committee will normally meet once in each academic Term, with communication between meetings via MS Teams.

Meeting minutes - September 2022 (14/09/22)

Meeting minutes - June 2022 (15/06/22)

Meeting minutes - March 2022 (16/03/22)

Meeting minutes - December 2021 (15/12/21)

Meeting minutes - September 2021 (15/09/21)

Meeting minutes - June 2021  (16/06/21)

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