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The Open Research Steering Committee (ORSC) was established by the General Board in January 2019 to replace the Open Access Project Board, following a recommendation by the Open Research Working Group

Membership of the Open Research Steering Committee

Last updated February 2020 

Professor Chris Abell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (Chair)
Dr Vasily Belokurov, Reader in Astrophysics, School of Physical Sciences
Dr Mark Carrigan, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Faculty of Education
Dr Marta Costa, Senior Research Associate, Department of Zoology
Professor John Dennis, Head of School of Technology, School of Technology
Dr Jessica Gardner, University Librarian and Director of Library Services
Dr Emma Gilby, Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Humanities
Dr Peter Hedges, Head of the University Research Office
Dr Sara Hennessy, Reader in Teacher Development and Pedagogical Innovation, School of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Mrs Mandy Hill, Director of Academic Publishing, Cambridge University Press
Professor Ian Leslie, Director of University Information Services
Professor David Owen, Professor of Structural and Molecular Biology, Clinical School
Professor Steve Russell, Professor of Genome Biology, School of Biological Sciences
Ms Niamh Tumelty, Head of Research Services and STEMM Libraries
Dr Debbie Hansen, Senior Open Access Adviser, University Library (Secretary)

Terms of Reference

Last updated November 2018

  1. To promote and keep under review all matters relating to Open Research at the University, including effective implementation of the University’s policies on Open Access and Research Data Management; compliance with external mandates; overview of best practice.
  2. To ensure and facilitate close working of all internal services supporting Open Research.
  3. To engage actively with researchers, understanding user needs, supporting diversity of practice and, where necessary, ensuring compliance, providing a termly operational report to the University Research Policy Committee.
  4. To work closely with the University REF Office to ensure effective preparation for REF exercises.
  5. To make recommendations to the Information Systems Committee on investment to support Open Research, and to monitor rolling five-year plans, acting as first point of resolution for resource issues.
  6. To formalise and oversee University public communications around Open Research, including, at least, annual review of the University position statement on Open Research, and to monitor development of external policy frameworks. This will include managing responses to sector-wide consultations.


The Steering Committee will normally meet once in each academic Term.





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