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Scholarly Communication


Scholarly communication is an increasingly dynamic area, and the support researchers require is becoming more complex. The changing policy landscape means there are more requirements for researchers to manage their research outputs in different ways. Information managers (such as librarians) are the perfect people to help – but they are not always the first people researchers seek out.

The Research Support Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for interested library staff to receive specialised training to allow them to become the local ‘go to’ person on common scholarly communication issues.

The Programme

The Programme intends to develop a team of Research Support Ambassadors who feel confident and able to assist researchers with queries about (for example):

  • Data management
  • Open Access/Open Data policies
  • Copyright

The main aim of the Programme is to increase the awareness and skill set of library staff in order to provide a high standard of researcher support.

The Programme will consist of three strands:

  1. Education for Ambassadors in scholarly communication, both in the context of Cambridge and the wider academic community
  2. Training in transferrable skills such as presentation design
  3. Group project work to produce a tangible training outcome


Ambassadors will benefit by receiving professional development, including prioritised access to popular training sessions. They will have increased understanding and knowledge about the changing research landscape and be better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities.

The Cambridge library community will benefit from an engaged and informed workforce, an increased profile amongst the research community and importantly, retaining relevance in an increasingly online world.