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Several resources are available to those wanting to know more about copyright, both within libraries and more widely.

Government information

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988)

Intellectual Property (Copyright)


Cambridge University Copyright Compliance - (Raven password required) provides guidance on copyright issues in the University including information sheets and FAQs.

Copyright@LSE – covers copyright information and training provided by the London School of Economics tailored to an academic audience.

Copyright Hub - comprehensive toolkit which covers various aspects of copyright and licensing.

Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) – comprehensive website covering the basics of copyright and an introduction to different types of licence. – a good source of resources on copyright focused on a more general audience.

Intellectual Property Rights – a self-study module explaining the basics of intellectual property rights and creative commons.

LACA: Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance - group lobbying in the UK and Europe on library focused copyright and related issues.

Manage Your Copyrights – clear and concise video from the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship at Columbia University which looks at publication agreements and how authors can negotiate the rights that they need.

Music Copyright - video guidance from the Earl Gregg Swem Library on aspect of copyright for musical resources.

Music Library Association Copyright Pages – copyright guidance for musical resources. Please note that this website focuses on US law but still provides useful information for special collections.

Understanding Rights Reversion: When, Why, & How to Regain Copyright and Make Your Book More Available – a guide for authors with information on rights management.

WATCH File - a useful database of copyright contacts for notable works/people.


Author’s Rights (2:03) - Institute on Scholarly Communication in association with SPARC. This video explains how researchers can maximize exposure and dissemination for their peer-reviewed article manuscripts.

Know your Rights: Who Really Owns Your Scholarly Works? (9:51) – Center for Digital Research and Scholarship at Columbia University. A panel discussion looking at ways in which scholars and researchers can use technology to their advantage.

Librarian vs. Stereotype: Scholarly Communication (1:10) – UT Arlington Library. An amusing introduction to copyright and other scholarly communication issues including signing away author rights.

Manage Your Copyrights (4:53) – Center for Digital Research and Scholarship at Columbia University. A clear and concise video which looks at publication agreements and how authors can negotiate the rights that they need.

Managing Author Rights: A Faculty Workshop (44:50) – Georgetown University Library. A recording of a workshop discussion on publishing agreements and negotiating better author terms.

Scientist Meets Publisher (2:58) – Alex Holcombe. A short animation which highlights the issues with having to sign away your copyright.


SCONUL Copyright Training Resources - presentation from SCONUL training courses (2015) on updates to the copyright policy.

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