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A post-grant pilot programme is in effect for articles funded under the FP7 programme. It allows authors to claim funds to pay open access charges up to two years after the end of their grants.


  • Authors can claim for up to three peer-reviewed publications per FP7 project.
  • Publications must be in entirely open access books or journals. Hybrid publications are not eligible.
  • Publications must be peer-reviewed and under a CC BY licence, where possible.
  • Maximum claims are €2000 (journal articles) and €6000 (books).
  • VAT cannot be included in claims. Page and colour charges cannot be claimed.
  • Publications must include a statement where applicable on how underlying research materials, such as research data, samples or models, can be accessed.
  • Previously published publications are not eligible.
  • Publications must be deposited in a repository. Our institutional repository can fulfil this condition.

How to apply

EU FP7 recommend that you apply for payments through the online system when an article is accepted – don’t wait until an invoice is issued. This speeds up the payment process, allows them to confirm eligibility and ensures that the invoice can be issued with the correct information (it must be made out to the Athena Research Centre, not the individual researcher or institution, and should include the EU VAT number). You may wish to download this 'summary of the different aspects to consider for submitting a successful funding request to the EC FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot'.

FAQs are available from the EU FP7 website.

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